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Bébé Ourson Photopolymer Stamp Set (French)
Bébé Ourson Photopolymer Stamp Set (French) 142377
Price: $24.00

A childhood teddy bear holds many great memories. Start a baby’s life out with the right teddy bear and the good memories will follow.

This is a Two-Step Stampin’ set. Combine individual stamps to build the final image you want in the colours you want.

Photopolymer stamps
* Are totally transparent for perfect image placement.
* Have just enough give to create a perfectly stamped image every time.
* Cling like crazy to our clear blocks so you don't have to worry about slipping.
* Save space—you need only one set of blocks for all your photopolymer stamps (blocks sold separately).
* Come packaged in cases with images on the spine for easy storage and quick reference.

Quantity: 12 photopolymer stamps
Suggested clear blocks (sold separately): b, e, g

Item is no longer available

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