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Art & Soup

Last week my team and I had the opportunity to go on a fun outing to Salt Lake City’s Art & Soup. Local artists and restaurants gathered to support Community Nursing Services’ (CNS’s) Charitable Care Program by donating a portion of the artwork sold. This year, the Salt Palace Convention Center’s walls were lined with booths—24 to be exact—which were issuing a variety of soup samples. Our team had fun tasting the samples. Some of our favorites included: lobster bisque, ginger spring pea soup, and squash soup with jalapeño spice. (Yum!)

Featured local artists provided the visual compliment to the flavorful samples. We were immediately inspired by the mediums, textures, and techniques displayed in the paintings, sculpture, and even the food!

What a great way to raise much-needed funds for such a worthy cause!

Elise G.


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    Feb 13

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