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Paper Pumpkin Turns One!

Have you ever seen something so remarkable that it helps women from all walks of life feel creative? Imagine what it would be like to join the team that makes that happen! Amazing, right? That’s exactly how I feel as the newest member of the Paper Pumpkin team!

 Even more amazing is the incredible year Paper Pumpkin has had.

  • We’ve sent out 229,000 Paper Pumpkin projects (say that three times fast!) to our friends.
  • We’ve helped over 45,000 women bring out their creative sides—(and we know that they were just waiting to break out)!
  • We even had 13,000 take advantage of our Free Marker offer—which is available until midnight tonight!

Yep. Not bad for something that is only ONE-year old!

To celebrate, we held a birthday party at our Riverton Campus, complete with yummy cake, festive balloons, and even party hats. 

And thanks for helping me feel like part of the family!

Sabrina  B.
Sr. Marketing Specialist

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  • Ellen Mogensen

    Feb 10

    My 1st paper pumpkin pack--hey there friend--was a great disappointment. The design was lukewarm at best--ugly. Did not like it that retired colors were used. The buttons were too large to mail. Thank goodness my demonstrator had redone the designs for our group of newbies. I'll try one more month. I would have been extremely unhappy if not for the gift of the pens. The stamps were just OK, nothing special that I did not already have--even as a new stamper.

  • Susan Miller

    Feb 10

    Have received 4 Paper Pumpkin Kits, and love putting them together. Have not received on for the month of April yet. Whats up?

  • Eva Bussom

    Feb 10

    Congrats!!! and Happy Birthday!!!

  • Marlene Heringer

    Feb 10

    .."helps women from all walks of life..." What about all the creative men? There are so many SU make demos who I admire and follow on social media.