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Catalog Premiere: Coming to you LIVE from Long Beach, California

Last Friday we put up a post announcing a little event we’re calling the 2014 Catalog Premiere. We’ll be broadcasting to theaters in 39 cities on April 28 to unveil our amazing new catalog.

Just in case you missed it—the home of this event, the excitement epicenter, the place where the red carpet will be laid—is Long Beach, California.

Date: Monday, April 28, 2014

Time: 4:00 pm (PT)

Location: Long Beach Convention Center

Fee: $100

Registration: Now open!

(Visit Events>2014 Catalog Premiere on the demonstrator website to register)

Some of you may remember that Stampin’ Up!’s last live event in California was in 2008. When we were deciding where to hold this red carpet event—the PREMIERE of the catalog, we decided California would be the ideal place. (You might also be interested to know that the convention center is on the beach. Woooh!)

And what would a premiere be without stars? Naturally, we’ll be flying in “Stamp-lebrities” to introduce the 2014–2015 annual catalog to you. It’s going to be fancy. Think: ball gowns and black ties. 

What else? In addition to being one of the first to see the catalog, you’ll be with your friends as they see it. Not only that, but you get to KEEP the catalog. WAIT—there’s more to this daydream! You get to TAKE HOME stuff that is in the catalog. 

While attendees in all 39 of our event theaters will see and take home a little something from the catalog—members of our “live studio audience” will get a little something EXTRA. (Just sayin’!)

In Long Beach, you’ll also get extra event time! Just as the satellite transmission ends and the host signs off, you’ll realize: WE’RE NOT DONE! You’ll be able to stretch your legs, grab some treats, and enjoy one more hour of Stampin’ Up! fun.

If, however, the polar vortex has you sucked in so far that there’s no way you’re going to make it to Long Beach . . . not to worry: we’ve got a theater near you! Check it out now, because spaces are filling up fast. (We actually had a few cities fill overnight.) And this event is too good to miss.

If you aren’t a demonstrator—never fear! Just contact your demonstrator! They’ll tell you how you can join and make this first-ever broadcast event your first-ever event as a demonstrator!

I hope to see you there!

Angie G.
Event Producer


  • Lana M Parsons

    Feb 11

    I guess I totally misunderstood.... I thought those of us who did not live near an event area would be able to see it online for free......I guess the keyword I missed was $100.

  • Virginie guillaume

    Feb 11


  • Carolyn Beaty

    Feb 11

    I'm an excited "New Demonstrator"!

  • Estella

    Feb 11

    This sounds exciting! I need to get registered ASAP!

  • Kay Jacob

    Feb 11

    Absolutely fabulous!

  • Judith Saunders

    Feb 11

    Wondering if anyone considered a launch in the Atlantic provinces in canada? it is a long way to Ontario two days steady driving.

  • Sharon

    Feb 11

    $100.00????? No thank you!

  • Lucy

    Feb 11

    I just signed up today! How do I sign up for the Houston event?