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Firefighters: Great Cooks and Fabulous Stampers

You may have heard that firefighters are great cooks, but they are also fabulous stampers . . . at least the crew at Station 83 in Murray, Utah is! Recently I was invited to stop by the station to stamp Valentine’s Day cards with them.   

I’ve stamped with this crew before (we made Mother’s Day’s cards last time) so I knew it would be a fun night. I was looking forward to sharing stamping with them again. The battalion chief and one of the cadets joined us this time, too. 

This is the card I brought for them to make.

Here they all are holding their completed cards. 

Before we got to the stamping, the crew prepared a delicious meal featuring smoked brisket. So, you can take it from me—they ARE great cooks . . . as well as FABULOUS stampers!

Donna G.
Curriculum Developer and Trainer


  • Isabel Valderrama

    Feb 06

    Ni ellos se escapan. Neither they are escaped

  • Michele Powers

    Feb 06

    That is so cool! Way to go, Gentlemen!

  • Randi

    Feb 06

    Awesome story! Love it!!

  • Jessica Jokinen

    Feb 06

    Now if i could only get my husband and his co-workers to play along... *grin*

  • Gail Schwarzgruber

    Feb 06

    What a wonderful photo and event! Everyone can benefit from getting crafty! Job well done.