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Behind the Scenes: SHHHHH . . . Top Secret: Prize Patrol!

Prize patrol is a fun part of my job. Why? Because it involves two of your favorite words—prize  and patrol. (Woot, woot!)

Right now I’m working on our annual South Pacific Inspire. Create. Share. (aka convention) prize patrol.   And in case you’re wondering, I don’t choose what the prize patrol items will be. (Boy wouldn’t THAT be fun?!)

I do choose the winning wrist band colors, though!

No rhyme or reason to that. I just pick whatever I happen to be feeling at the time! (FYI—selecting winning wrist band colors happens well before convention registration even starts.)

Then I make sure everything is ordered, arrives on time, and is tied with a pretty bow for your prize patrol pleasure!   

Are you wondering how long it takes for our international prize patrol shipments to arrive at their destination? The South Pacific, for instance? You might be surprised. The stamp sets alone take one month to make; then they are sent to our warehouse where I put them on heat-treated pallets (a shipping requirement for Australia); then I send them on their way! 

It then takes two months for an ocean shipment to arrive in Australia!   

From start to finish, a minimum of three months of preparation is required to deliver prize patrol items to Australia. It’s a happy day for me when I wave goodbye to that last pallet as it heads out the door!  

And I’m pleased as punch once I’m at an event and know that everything made it. Then I get to hear all of the screams and cheers from our event attendees as those much-anticipated words are spoken: “Who’s ready for a prize patrol?!”

For just one minute I kind of feel like Oprah!  

By the way, Angie just called. She said that she got the convention bag sample in. (It’s REALLY cute!!!) You may want to check back again…soon!

Robynn R.
Event Logistics Coordinator


  • teresajohnson162@gmail

    May 05

    let the color of the wrist band be lavender.


    May 05

    I will be aboard ship in Europe on Aug. 31st -- at sea. How will you find me?

  • Christine

    May 05

    I know that have to be slot of work an time consumed in preparation an I believe it's also fun. This what make a winner strong will an watching how life goes from poor to rich in just a couple am claim now Prize Patrol be bless be Safe

  • Patty Bennett

    May 05

    Thanks for all your hard work! Can't wait to see those cute Convention bags!!!! Always a HIGHLIGHT!! :)

  • Judy Van Atta

    May 05

    You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to another convention!! Thanks for all your hard work. :o)