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Behind the Scenes: You may have seen me before

Hi.  I’m Angie.

I have a funny story I’d like to share. In January, we were at leadership in Houston. It was the day before the event and many attendees were arriving and checking into their hotels. I had just finished work for the day and boarded the elevator to go up to my room. I guessed that the five very excited women sharing the ride—with all of their totes filled with cards—were undoubtedly Stampin’ Up! demonstrators.

They talked excitedly about the upcoming events and were asking each other various questions—all of which I knew the answers to—but I stayed quiet, just to see if they knew the answers, too.

As I was about to get off the elevator, one last question was asked. When “I’m not sure; I’ll have to look,” was the only response, I quickly answered and apparently surprised them all. I smiled as I got off the elevator, but I heard a loud whisper, “Hey, isn’t she one of the girls who is always at the front of the bus?” My smile grew even bigger. (Some of you know that my dream as a child was to be a tour bus guide; I was thrilled that they remembered me.)

Can’t remember exactly where you’ve seen me? Maybe it was here:

Need a hint? We were on this:

Or maybe it was here:

When we listened to these guys:

Perhaps we were at convention:

Most of my days, however, look more like this:

Doing things that look like this:

When I’m asked what I do at Stampin’ Up!, my most recent answer is: “Whatever Derek tells me to do.” 

My VERY most recent assignment from Derek is to be on the planning team for the 2014 Catalog Launch events on April 28. I am so beyond excited for these events. I’ll give you some of the inside scoop.

  • We’re traveling to more than 35 cities across the country plus the LIVE event.
  • We’re going to have catalogs at the event—one for every attendee.
  • We’re going to give stuff away at the events.Yep.I said stuff.And by stuff I mean NEW stuff.

I’ve been working on this event since just before we left for leadership. I’ve even started to dream about this event.

We’ve never done anything like this before. 

It involves uplink trucks and satellites. And we’re sending Stampin’ Up! staff all over the country!

You can participate in this LIVE event AND sleep in your own bed at night. I know—IT’S CRAZY! (I’d even put it in the “magical” category.)

Check back for more details.  We’re just getting started!

Another project I’m REALLY excited about is the new bag for Inspire. Create. Share. (aka convention).  I’m expecting a sample soon. . . .

(Yes. That’s foreshadowing.)

Angie G.
Event Producer


  • Gay Ferland

    Feb 12

    I would join SU! if they would only visit NH (Manchester) There is plenty of room in this city!!!!

  • Jacqueline Rossell

    Feb 12

    Aren't we supposed to get more info about the catalog launch today?

  • Linda Kaufman

    Feb 12

    I'll see you in Apple Valley, Minnesota!!!! Can't wait!!!!

  • Deb Andresen

    Feb 12

    ok I'm in.

  • Pat Clow

    Feb 12

    sounds exciting, count me in

  • Julie

    Feb 12


  • Lyn Shepherd

    Feb 12

    Sure hope Chattanooga, TN is on that list

  • Bev Gerard

    Feb 12

    I'm SO excited!!

  • Deanna Whitney

    Feb 12

    Yeah! Hoping that good things are headed to the North East. We love STUFF!

  • Alison Anson

    Feb 12

    Where is the catalog Launch in Iowa?? How do I sign up??

  • Sherrie Gross

    Feb 12

    I can't wait. I hope Kansas City is on the list.

  • Dorothy Gunter

    Feb 12

    There is always the need for excitement for upcoming events and ideas. I love being early in knowing a secret. I can't wait

  • Kirsteen Gill

    Feb 12

    Dream job!! And, you are a tease! SO EXCITED to hear where the 35 cities will be! A big Real Red circle around that day on my calendar!

  • Dana Miller

    Feb 12

    So excited!! Hope you are coming to Phoenix with those catalogs!!

  • Anneverman

    Feb 12

    Once seen never forgotten Ang xxxxx

  • Melissa Iwinski

    Feb 12

    You have the ultimate dream job! :)

  • Kelli Hull

    Feb 12

    SO hoping gor Seattle or Portland! I'm smack dab in the middlecwith sick hours on my books at work! LOL

  • Delores Hertel

    Feb 12

    If this launch is April before the 21 st, I'm in trouble. I should be out if the hospital and rehab center (having hip replacement surgery) by that time. I hope I can attend!!!

  • Liana

    Feb 12

    I'm super excited to get the details and I hope I can make it!!

  • Patti McDermott

    Feb 12

    I am so excited, I only hope that there is one close to me so that I can go. I cannot wait to see what SU has in store for us now. It's always something wonderful!

  • Carol Carriveau

    Feb 12

    There are many demos here in the Bay Area of CA and we are all hoping that you will be here in our do everyone in every city! But from what I understand, most events in CA have never been, please..!!!??!

  • Valory Degree

    Feb 12

    Wow! The Catalog Launch sounds like fun! I can't wait to hear more!

  • Karah

    Feb 12

    You're the most awesome events person ever. Good luck with the catalog stuff. Sounds great!

  • Susan Rodgers

    Feb 12

    I'm so excited to attend this event! I can't wait to see if Portland OR is one of the cities to have it!

  • Linda Mac Arthur

    Feb 12

    You have been telling us to watch for this and I have. I went to the Events drop down last night and nothing was listed. No email was sent to us about registration opening. I received an email that from my up line at 11:47 that registration was open and filling up fast. I opened this email at 1:00 and both locations were full (White Bear Lake, MN and Apple Valley, MN). It seems with all the hype of this Live Event...very few actually got the opportunity to join in the fun. Very disappointed.

  • Jennifer Buchanan-Springer

    Feb 12

    That sounds so amazing. I'm excited! You do look really familiar. :)

  • Maggie Mata

    Feb 12

    You're such a tease! LOL

  • Patty Bennett

    Feb 12

    I can't wait for the big Launch Parties!! I sure hope there is one near us here in the San Francisco area!!!! whohoo! Thanks for all you do Angie! :)

  • Jen C.

    Feb 12

    You are so cute, thanks for sharing your story.

  • Shirley

    Feb 12

    I am hoping it is close to where I am so I can go. I live in Flushing, Ohio but willing to travel so I can be a part of this big exciting launch.

  • Kay Cogbill

    Feb 12

    Looking forward to what lies ahead!!! The for the tidbits of detail!!

  • Cindy Haydon

    Feb 12

    Do we have dates and cities yet?

  • Renee O'Donnell

    Feb 12

    Sounds exciting!

  • Linda Niemeyer

    Feb 12

    I'm so excited!!!! Can't wait to hear more!!! Hope there's a theater near me!!!!!!!!!!!! :O) :O) :O)

  • Rachel Tessman

    Feb 12

    Yippee!!!! I can't wait, Angie! Derek, let me know if you need more helpers. LOL

  • Cindyrae Minie

    Feb 12 excited for the new catty launch and things to come!!

  • Barbara Becker

    Feb 12


  • Barbara Becker

    Feb 12

    Angie, you may be my new favorite SU! person. Thanks for the info.Sorry for the double post, puppy helping me type