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Behind the Scenes: Home from Leadership

Wow! Leadership was great! I had a blast . . . as always!

To me, coming back from an event like leadership is like coming back from a long camping trip. I’m a little tired, a little dirty, and a little wired. The fun is over and it’s time to take a deep breath, clean off that dirty catsup bottle, and put everything away. 

I coordinate event logistics for all of our events. I am the person who makes sure that everything you receive at an event (like those pretty, gray leadership bags) actually make it to the event. In other words, I am the person who packs Santa’s bag and puts it on the sleigh. For this particular event I packed and shipped 510 pairs of scissors, 4800 all-attendee gifts, and over 6,120 baby wipes—and that’s just a small portion of what I ship for an event! Take a guess on how many individual Glue Dots I shipped to our leadership event! Go ahead . . . guess!!!

So what do I do once the pallets arrive home from leadership? I begin tearing them apart. And believe me . . . it can get really messy! You know how it is when you are moving into a new place and there are boxes and packing materials everywhere and you can’t find anything? That is my life after an event! Can you relate? Then I sort things out and start putting the supplies on the shelves in the event room—or I return materials we didn’t need back into inventory. I also get help from staff who attended leadership. Everyone is great to help pitch in and get everything put away; we are like family!

As soon as I finish cleaning up after leadership, the entire process starts all over. Soon I will begin working on our South Pacific convention to make sure they get everything in their bags, too! The show must go on!

If it takes this much work to pack and ship materials to our events, what do you think it takes to book a hundred peoples' flights? Yikes, I think I will stick with shipping! Check back next week to take a look behind the scenes at our very own Cindy Lou Who and see how she handles the travel end of things!

Robynn R.
Event Logistics Coordinator


  • Robynn

    Feb 09

    Loni - I love "sticking" with the demos! lol Your glue dot guess is a good one but the actual count is 51,000!! Crazy hu!