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Adventures in Peru

Another world-traveling Stampin’ Up! employee, Karen H., tells us a little bit about her fascinating trip to Peru.

Have you ever eaten guinea pig?

If so, you’ve probably been to Peru. In many high mountain Peruvian communities the scampering guinea pig is raised in the home—literally running around on the dirt floors—and provides a necessary source of dietary protein.

While on a bucket list vacation to Peru, I tasted this delectable staple—restaurant-style.

But we didn’t go to Peru for the guinea pig. We went to climb an incredible mountain.

Machu Picchu is seriously one of the most beautiful spots on earth and a place we only dreamed of visiting. So when the opportunity arose, we didn’t hesitate.

Remote. Pristine. Remarkable. Curious. Definitely recommend . . . even for a taste of guinea pig (and a lot of other great food)! Now I just need to pull together my photos and display them in a This and That Journal! J

Karen H.



    Feb 08

    Hope you have lots of inspiration and make a line in peruvian colors AND CONSIDER SOME STMPA IN SPANISH PLEASEEEE!