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Innovation Day

Once a month, for the past several months, Stampin’ Up! has been having something we call Innovation Day—inspired by Lockheed Martin’s famous Skunk Works program. For one day, we set aside our usual duties and devote ourselves to “thinking outside the box” –either alone or in teams.  We are encouraged to brainstorm about anything that can improve the company’s processes or products and are given complete autonomy--with the sole directive of finding ways (even outside of our own departments)--to innovate and make suggestions that will help Stampin’ Up! become even better and more responsive to our demonstrators and customers.

Here are some of my fabulous workmates on Innovation Day. My personal opinion? Some of the greatest people in the world work at this company. 

My Innovation Day project had a broader scope than you see here, but part of it involved trying to “create” a digital download that I could turn into a 3D project. I designed the oven using MDS downloads (US/CAN), then adhered the various pieces to a basic box pattern using Sticky Strip. (I saw lots of these cute little oven boxes on Pinterest!)  

To create the portion of the oven housing the dials—and to give the box a sturdy base—I set it on a die-cut made using the Big Shot and the Card Base Pop n’ Cuts Die.

All done!  What a fun way to deliver a treat! I loved using My Digital Studio to create something that could serve as an idea for a digital product. (Eating the cupcake after I finished was also great.)

Innovation Day is, in a sense, having faith in the wisdom of crowds, and in the notion that some of the best and freshest ideas come from giving employees the freedom to go where their imagination takes them—especially by allowing them to brainstorm outside their areas of expertise.  All Innovation Day research, ideas, or proposals for the company are collected, brought to the corporate team, and mined for possible development.

This is such a cool company! I’ve just gotta say—I love working for Stampin’ Up!

Cindy B.
Sr. Staff Writer


  • Kimberly F.

    Nov 26

    I LOVE the ovens! So cute. Great blog post.

  • Bev MD

    Nov 26

    Love the ovens! I hope to see those in kit form - soon. : )

  • Susan Mac D

    Nov 26

    such an amazing oven & the surprise when the door opens.....WOW!! wonder if it's self cleaning ?!(L.O.L)