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Say Hello to Britni's Heart Chair

I’m Britni. You might recognize me from the back page of your holiday catalog! I’m sure you already know that almost all of the people you see photographed in the Stampin’ Up! catalogs are actual employees! What you might not know is that I also drew those fancy chalk doodles surrounding my photo . . . which was all sorts of fun! But I wanted to give you a little insight into one of those doodles: the heart chair.

When I was asked to pose for the photo and draw some doodles that would represent my personality, I had just found the perfect chair to bring to work. I had no idea the emotional roller coaster that would follow when I found and bought that chair from a local classified website.

I was in the market for a chair for my cubical. I wanted something unique, unusual, and I wanted something that reflected my personality. Boy, did I find it. I was so excited to go pick up my new purchase that I left my house immediately!

You might not believe me, but I really don’t like too much attention. So I came in early with my new chair to avoid the paparazzi I would likely encounter in the parking lot and beyond.

Oh no! Spotted in the elevator!

One day (not long after my heart chair had founds its new home) I was eating lunch at my desk with a co-worker. I stood up to grab something—and tipped my chair ever so slightly with my leg. It slowly and softly tipped to the ground . . . and shattered into pieces! It was easily the saddest event to happen to me all year. (I know—if that is the saddest thing, I really have it pretty good!)

I realize that this heart chair is only a material object and doesn't need anyone to mourn over it. But here is the sad part: as much as I love and cherish antiques, it is obvious that I should never be entrusted with them!

This is why I can’t have nice things.

Don’t worry! This story has a happy ending. Along comes my dad to the rescue! A little wood glue, some clamps, and this chair may as well be as new as the day it was created! 

It still needs a some plaster and paint, but I am (again!) just so in love with my heart chair.

Britni H.

Graphic Designer


  • Lois Crandell

    Feb 11

    What a wonderful story! Isn't it silly how we become attached to 'things'! If I like something, I really like it. I loved a car that I still haven't gotten over. Silly, silly me!