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A New Twist for Fourth of July

Note: Everything here could work perfectly for Canada Day, too – celebrated on July 1!

Fourth of July is nearly here! Hurray!

I have recently been trying to think of a different way to celebrate this fantastic holiday. I love the classic red, white, and blue theme, the fireworks, the parades, and the picnics—but I have been wondering if there wasn’t something that could be added to bring even more fun and national pride into the celebration.

 I’ll also confess to a bit of nerdiness: I love maps of the United States (especially the ones with infographics regarding industry, agriculture, state bird, state flower, etc.).  I could stare at them for hours. (Don’t judge me!) Anyway—the idea of bringing in the US map and state maps came to mind.

So—how about this for a Fourth of July bash? Serve food from the 50 states—Texas chili, Georgia peach pie, Nebraska corn, etc. – (complete with cute signs, of course). Make state decorations using MDS downloads, as I did here: 

The kids can play state bingo. (This card was made using MDS digital downloads):

Serve soda pop decorated with states and capitals labels. 

Those featured here just have state labels (made using MDS and cardstock), but you get the idea! Guests pair up according to their state and capital, e.g. Michigan finds the person with the Lansing label; then they play a Find-Who’s-Been-to-the-National-Landmark game. Teams consult with other players to find out who at the party has visited Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge, the White House, the St. Louis arch, etc.

First pair with a full card gets a prize!

I’m working on a US map right now as another decoration for my Fourth of July party. I will share it with you in an upcoming post.

So . . . time to get to work! The celebration starts just six weeks from now, so we encourage you to begin now designing your Independence Day/Canada Day party swag . . . using MDS and Stampin’ Up! products, of course! (Get the Nifty Fifty Kit here and/or the Providence of Provinces Kit here.)

Got any fun Independence Day/Canada Day celebration ideas that you would like to share with us? Please leave them in the comments section!

Cindy B.
Sr. Staff Writer