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Messy Monday – Organizing Your Spritzer Tools

I absolutely love spritzing . . . therefore I love the Spritzer Tool and I have all my favorite colors handy and ready to go—just in case I need to spritz. (Nothing is safe!)

When they are all stored together, it is too hard to see the label tag that I have on the bottle—so I came up with a way to easily find the color I need.

I got a small 1/4" circle punch (that you can pick up at any office supply store) and punched out a circle of cardstock corresponding to the color in my Spritzer Tool; then I glued it to the top of the lid with a Glue Dot. Done! Now it is so easy to grab the color I want whenever the mood to spritz strikes . . . and it does quite often!

Arika B.
Concept Artist


  • Clare Nemeth

    May 02

    Great idea!!

  • Kimberley Morris

    May 02

    Pretty soon we'll have the self-adhesive Candy Dots available to order in each of the color collections...they will make a great shortcut to this organizational tip!