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A Dream Come True for a Time-Deprived (Messy) Creative

I am blessed to have a life filled with great moments and memories that I’ve captured easily with my phone, but being the busy little lady that I am, budgeting my time between work and play doesn’t always allow me much time to physically sit down and be a historian for my life. Sadly, most of my images are forgotten and aren’t seen or shared.

Because I am a very visual person without a lot of time to sit down and think about how to scrapbook my life “pristinely”—which isn’t my style anyway—the This and That (US/CAN)collection is an incredible option for me. I can be messy and organized at the same time as well as be trendy and stylish without over-thinking things; in turn, I have a lovely, visually explosive outcome. This and That will keep you in your “happy place” and not allow the overwhelmed fairy to discourage you in your memory capturing.

Creating some pages using candid memories from my wedding day was fun and easy using the This and That collection. I had so much fun randomly placing my photographs and adding to them with the fun pieces from this collection. The Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape was a simple way to stick my pictures to the pages in a fun and expressive way. By using the different design pieces from this collection, texture, color, and dimension were added to my pages without taking away from my photos.

In the end, I loved that I didn’t have to have a solid plan of action to have a stunning end result, and also that I could be my fun, free, and creative self without feeling limited. I have much more to add to my This and That book before I will share it with my loved ones, but you better believe that when I finish this book, the next volume will soon follow!

Sara B.
Graphic Designer